13 mars 2011 § 2 Commentaires

hommes, maisons,fourneaux, bateaux, avions, chaises, ordinateurs, femmes, enfants, fleurs, tables, arbres, barrières, caméras, tableaux, images, pendules, cahiers, poupées, camions, cuisinières, moules à tarte, journaux, bonbons, valises, souvenirs, robes, livres… l’eau a tout emporté

moi je m’accroche à mon crayon

dessin inspiré de la catastrophe de Fukushima le 11 mars 2011

« In 1525, during the night between Wednesday and Thursday after Whitsuntide, I had this vision in my sleep, and saw how many great waters fell from heaven. The first struck the ground about four miles away from me with such a terrible force, enormous noise and splashing that it drowned the entire countryside. I was so greatly shocked at this that I awoke before the cloudburst. And the ensuing downpour was huge. Some of the waters fell some distance away and some close by. And they came from such a height that they seemed to fall at an equally slow pace. But the very first water that hit the ground so suddenly had fallen at such velocity, and was accompanied by wind and roaring so frightening, that when I awoke my whole body trembled and I could not recover for a long time. When I arose in the morning, I painted the above as I had seen it. May the Lord turn all things to the best. » (Kunsthistoriches Museum, Vienna)

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